The overall values of our company are defined and further certified in accordance with the integrated management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. These values are evident in all facets of our company, with our overall goal being the further development of a strong and successful future.

At hama-plast, we all - employees and Management – carry the responsibility for consistent quality. It is our belief that the company’s overall success is dependent upon the qualificatons and motivation of each employee. The necessary technical knowledge is conveyed via professional training. Communication between Management and employees also plays an important role, where we regularly consult with employees in our continuous process improvement (CPI).

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of everything we do. This means identifying our customers’ needs and fulfilling as quickly as possible.

Our neverending goal is the continual betterment of our processes, products and services. This provides us the opportunity to identify sequences early and to effectively implement the relevant improvement measures.

Our employee's health is of vital importance. Strict compliance and adherence to safety codes ensure a healthy and a safe and workplace.

As a company, we concern ourselves with not only environmental protection, but also the protection of natural resources. All employees are careful to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and materials.

We also expect a high level of quality from our suppliers. Our own quality goals are only attainable through a solid collaboration with our suppliers, whereby communication, clearly set guidelines and stringent controls are key

We welcome open communication with all of our external business partners and therefore expect and look forward to a goal-oriented collaboration with them.