hama-plast is a well-known name in an additional product division, namley that of pipes and tubes. Again, there are various specific applications for tubes and pipes in various industries - such as the construction, machinery, print and POS/Display industries – each of which requires our long-standing expertise. Numerous questions need to asked, tests undertaken and controls reviewed before a series can be considered “production ready.”

As with our profile production, considerations in the manufacturing of pipes includes selection of materials, UV-consistencies, impact strength, fire protection classificaitions, non-toxic food grade materials in conformance with BfR/FDA requirements, UL-lists, surface requirements, RAL-/Pantone-colours or ESD.

Batch sizes of a minimum of 1,000 meters are made to meet the individual customers needs up to a 63 mm diameter – whether “on call” as part of a general framework contract or as a single order.